There exists an ongoing and very real effort to distort and re-invent the incredible amount of tangible History & Truth behind E.T. Crafts & Visitations. This distortion is part of a multi-phased venture, ongoing and evolving, of deceit and exploitation from - both within and outside - the UFO arena.

 This composition represents ongoing educational documentation. This serves as a foundation and reminder of the facts which transpired - verses the “claims and inventions” of recent times. Reports have been recorded over the past centuries and millennium. The following start date was picked as an arbitrary beginning for this study and will be expanded upon in both directions.


 Sources: AFS = Aliens From Space by Maj. Donald Keyhoe. UFO RBP = UFO Richard Brunswick Photo collection. FS & CS = Flying Saucers & Common Sense by Waveney Girvan.  BB = The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects by Capt. Ed Ruppelt.  BFSM = Behind The Flying Saucer Mystery by George Adamski. BTS= Beyond Top Secret by Tim Good. NTN= Need to Know, Tim Good. RUFO = The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, Capt. E J Ruppelt. ACFOS=Our Ancestors Came from Outer Space, Maurice Chatelain. ABOM=We Discovered Alien Bases on the Moon II, Steckling. Flying Saucers, Ancient Writings & the Bible, R.C. Leonard.



- > 2000 Years ago - Biblical references: “Then I turned, and lifted up mine eyes, and looked, and beheld a flying Roll”. (Length 20 cubits = 33 feet long, and breadth ten cubits, 15 feet wide. (Zech 5:1,2) Who are these that fly as a cloud, and as the doves to their windows?” (Isa 60:8) (Ezek 1:15) Describes a machine like a whirlwind, with a great amber cloud of fire around it, and inside four living creatures who looked like men….. The Flying Scroll, Flying Shield, Wheel within the Wheel, Pillar of fire by night (Exod 13:21) glowing cloud by day, etc, etc.

-1543 Copernicus (1473-1543) Publishes "Sun Centered Theory" - challenges Vatican held views of earth

           centered universe.

-1548 -1600 Giodano Bruno, Priest philosopher: Favored Copernican view that the earth is not the center

            of  the universe. Believed that the universe is infinite with infinite number of worlds each with a

            sun and planets. Living beings inhabit these worlds. Bruno is burnt at the stake for such    


-1610 Galileo - First to use telescope. Sees moons of Jupiter and is declared a HERETIC by the church.

          Telescope proclaimed an "instrument of the devil”.

-1615 Galileo denounced by the Inquisition & dies under house arrest.

-1871 From 1869 thru 1871, 40 members of England’s Royal Astronomical Society observing the moon

          report various geometric shaped light patterns & confirmed a moving 50 mile wide opaque object.

          1958 Russian Scientists sight huge glowing oval objects, etc. ABOM Washington Daily news, 6/6/68.

-1878 (Jan 25th) Denison Daily News, reputed to be one of the first Newspapers to use the term

           “Flying Saucer” to describe UFOs sighted. P45 FS&CS

-1891 Oct. Shafts of light observed by L’Astronomie in the China Sea. WATH, p 22
-1899 Electronic genius Nikola Tesla received signals he said came from space.
-1903 Kill Devil Hill NC - The impossible was accomplished. Man traveled 120' in 12 seconds ... in the air ...   Orville Wright demonstrated powered flight.
-1907 March. Officers of the Steam Ship Delta witness for 30 minutes spokes over 300 yards long connected to center.

-1918 One of the first “Photographed” Saucer Bell shaped UFOs over continental Europe: p26 UFORBP. Such “tangibles” are significant considering recent claims that Nazi scientist’s were responsible for these Bell Shaped UFOs both during the war & since, which, considering the history of sightings, including fleets of more than 200 in one day in 1947, such could never be the case. Yes, some Scientist of that era attempted to copy what they witnessed but were never ultimately successful either in numbers or propulsion. PLUS, clearly there were neither Nazi’s nor Nazi Scientists in 1918 & prior, so once again, the facts disrupt the fiction remanufactured since.  

-1921 Marconi, inventor of the "wireless" picked up code signals from space.

-1922 First successful Helicopter flights, Europe.

-1924 (Mars was closest to Earth) a photographic record of radio signals was made by Dr.

           David Todd Prof. of Astronomy at Amhurst College.

-1924 Dark Patches are observed on the moon - considered as possible vegetation.

-1926 First liquid propelled rocket (Goddard).           

-1927, 28 & 64 unexplained signals were also picked up according to Dr. Ronald Bracewell of the Radio

           Astronomy Institute at Stanford Univ. AFS, pg 73.

-1931 German Scientists develop First Electron Microscope.

-1938 Quick growing vegetation with a 14 day cycle is noticed on the moon.

-1938 War of the Worlds broadcast by Orson Wells - generates public hysteria.

-1939  (Aug) 1st Jet airplane – Heinkel HE 178 (Germany).

-1941 "Manhattan Project" for atomic research begins.

-1942 Prof. Fermi splits the atom. 

-1942  Bell P59 Airacomet - First US jet plane.

-1943 Molecular Beam Theory & proton movement discovered.

-1944 A Uranium pile built & Washington cyclotron completed.

-1945 U.S Drops A-Bombs on Hiroshima & Nagasaki.

-1946 USA shoots first radar beam to the moon. - "Electronic Brain" built at Penn. Univ.

-1946 (Oct) George Adamski & associates witness what was media described as a Large Cigar shaped

          Space Craft sighted hovering over San Diego County. Reported San Diego radio & by hundreds of

          witnesses. FSHL, pg 172

-1947 (June) Pilot Kenneth Arnold sees 9 flying discs flying at 1700 m.p.h. (est.) in Washington state. 

-1947 (July) UFO crash & recovery in Roswell, NM. ACTUAL event, with recovered technology &

          Humanoid bodies - none living - & several robotics. Wreckage shipped to Texas, then Wright

          Patterson AFB.

-1947 Government Project Sign scientists report: "Such a civilization might observe that on earth we now

          have atomic bombs & are fast developing rockets. In view of the past history of mankind, they

          should be alarmed. We should therefore expect at this time above all to behold such visitations."

-1947 ''The reported phenomena were real". Chief Air Tech Intelligence Center to Cmdg. Gen Twining

            USA AF.

-1947 Transistor invented.

-1947 15% to 20% of all UFO reports received by AF fall into "unknown" category.

-1947 Summer. Fleets of UFOs flying in squadrons @ 200, witnessed by Adamski and hundreds of San

           Diego County witnesses. FSHL, pg 175

-1947 (Oct) Chuck Yeager breaks the sound barrier in X-1.

-1947 Sect of Defense James S. Forrestal sets up Project Saucer, later to become Project Sign.

-1948 White Sands Proving Grounds tracks UFO at 18,000 m.p.h.  (Note this speed & date)

-1948 (Aug 5) Unanimous agreement of Project Sign Scientists & intelligence officers: "The UFOs are

          spacecraft from another world observing the Earth for an unknown motive" clears Directorate of

          Intelligence without a single descent in route to Chief of Staff Gen. Hoyt Vandenberg who refused to

           release the report because it would cause "a stampede". 16-17 afs. "Go public" vs. "Don't go

           public" factions take form in government and "debunking” starts.       

-1949 USSR detonates its first A-bomb .

-1949 Project Twinkle run by USAF Cambridge Research Lab to solve the "Green Fireballs" seen in

          number since 1948. Ceases with start of Korean War. BB p 73 .

-1949 Anti-saucer faction born from group fearing loss of face because in the past 1.5 years they hadn't

          "Proved" UFO's and didn't want to be wrong. AFS p 82

-1949 Project Sign evolves into Project Grudge with evaluations made on the premise that UFO's

          couldn’t exist. p 83. This project is closed in Dec of this year with 23% of the reports listed as

          "Unknowns" - final analysis: UFOs are; no threat, caused by mild hysteria, hoaxes, psychopaths &

           Misidentification. p 91 BB.

-1949 Government announces that all reports had been disproved and the AF investigation was ended

          Same statement made to public in 1969 by Condon Report.

-1950  UFOs are real, and “through official secrecy & ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the

          unknown flying objects are nonsense.” Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter–Director CIA. NTN, pg 128

-1950 President Truman directs the US Atomic Energy Commission to develop the H-Bomb.

-1950 (Dec) Canada establishes Project Magnet. Senior Radio Engineer Wilbert B. Smith “The matter is

          the most highly classified subject in the U.S Government, rating higher even than the H- bomb ..

          Flying Saucers EXIST. Their modus operandi is unknown, but concentrated effort is being made by a

          small group headed by Doc. V. Bush.” Smith’s group examined UFO fragments provide by the USAF

          which were retuned to “higher classified” group. BTS, pg 180 – 89.

-1951 Maj. Gen. Cabel, Dir. Intelligence USAF, orders review of UFO situation - It's run by Capt. Ed

          Ruppelt - evolves into Project Blue Book - Ruppelt runs until 1953.

-1951 Great number of reports force government to admit its investigation had never ended. Col. Harold E.

          Watson, Chief of Intelligence at WP AFB "At the end of nearly every report tracked down stands a

          crackpot, a religious fanatic, a publicity hound or a malicious practical joker." AFS, pg 18

-1952 Sect. of Navy Kimball, flying to Hawaii sees two disc shaped craft (est. spd 1500-2000 m.p.h.).

-1952 Britain tests A- Bomb in Australia.

-1952 (July) UFOs fly over the White House, Capitol, Washington Airport and surrounding areas.

- 1952 (Nov 6) First US H-Bomb exploded.

-1952 Sighting &  landing of bell shaped "scout craft" and daylight meeting in front of witnesses between

           human UFO pilot and George Adamski near Desert Center, Calif 11/20 - pilot expresses deep  

           concern of nuclear bombs effecting Earth and neighboring planets. (See effects of bombs in war

           & effects in causing earthquakes (Prof. Kato 1976 & Prof. Whiteford 1989). Phoenix Gazette,

           Oceanside Blade Tribune.

-1952 The second Project Grudge ends & Project Blue Book begins.

-1952 “I’m convinced that Saucers have an out-of-world basis”, Dr. W Reidel, German Rocket expert.

           Life Mag, 4-7-1952

-1952 Warrant Officer Delbert Newhouse, veteran Naval Aviation photographer, films 12 to 14 ships in

          formation (near Tremonton, Utah) 7/2. Navy concludes, after 600 hours of photo analysis: "Objects

          under intelligent control". afs 82

-1953 Supreme Commander Eisenhower replaces Truman as President. Navy Secty Kimball is out & the

          Air force calls objects on the Newhouse film "seagulls". afs 87 Note change in attitude with change in


-1953 12 mile long x 500 foot high bridge absolutely rectangular in outline with arches and a flat floor is

           observed on the moon.

-1953 USSR explodes H-Bomb.

-1953 CIA conference: "We've been ordered to work up a national debunking campaign, planting articles in

          magazines and arranging broadcasts to make UFO reports sound like poppycock" AI Chop, Air

          Force Press Desk.

-1954 “Flying Saucers come from distant worlds”, Dr. Herman Oberth. American Weekly 10-24-54

-1954 Cedric Allingham has daylight meeting with human UFO pilot from a dome shaped ship in Scotland.

-1954 Stephen Darbishire, Coniston, England - photographs "scout craft" in daylight. Determined identical

          to Adamski's Calif. "Scout Craft".

-1954 “Of course the flying saucers are real – and they are interplanetary. Air Chief Lord Dowding.   

            Reuters 8-54. (Lord Dowding also a sponsor of George Adamski in Britain during the Adamski

            1959 world tour.

-1955 (Aug) First flight of the Lockheed U2 spy plane & December 1964 first flight of the SR71. It is

           important to note these two dates because recently, certain TV programs & agencies have tried to

           imply that the majority of  UFO sightings of the 50s were due to the confused public misidentifying

           these two planes test flying over Groom Lake (Area 51). CLEARLY a very poorly designed attempt

           to misdirect & misinform those who do not see through their ruse with thorough research.  

-1955  Book, Inside the Space ships, Adamski reports from space firefly effect (later reported 1963 by

           Astronaut John Glenn), reports 12 celestial bodies in our Solar system (confirmed by Soviets in

           1977 & U.S in 2006.) Reports radiation belts around the Earth, (later discovered in 1958 as Van

           Allen Radiation belts.) Reports light Atmosphere around moon, water, clouds, etc. (Confirmed in

           1966, 1971, etc by NASA)

-1955 First U2 high altitude spy plane … Later …1964 SR 71 flies. NOTE the importance of both these

           dates & the planes performance characteristics, for recent programs have tried to insinuate both

           planes development in Area 51 were responsible for the misidentification of over 50% of UFO

           sightings.  ANOTHER WHITEWASH. NO plane can fly at 18,000 mph and faster, come to a dead  

           stop, change directions in a 3 dimensional field, become invisible, nor shoot straight up into space.

-1956  Book, The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, by Capt. Edward J. Ruppelt. 1st publication

           excellent, later Ruppelt would be “persuaded” to defuse & recant earlier facts in later edition.

-1957 Maj. Gen. Joe Kelly in response to Rep Lee Metcalf's question about whether AF pilots were still

          pursuing UFO's: AF interceptors still pursue UFOs as a matter of security to this country and to

          determine technical aspects involved.”

-1957  (Oct) USSR Sputniks launched - Earth officially enters the "Space Age".

-1958 Pres. Eisenhower created NASA. NASA Charter provides for the widest practicable &

          appropriate dissemination of information.

-1959 Study commissioned by NASA: "Proposed Studies on the Implications of Peaceful Space Activities

           for Human Affairs" by the Brookings Institute. - Warned against releasing space data indicating

           contact with ET's and ET artifacts.

-1959 NASA picked up signals from an unknown satellite circling Earth.

-1959 Nat'l Sci. Foundation sets up program to listen for signals from space at Green Bank West Va. where

          they have a radio observatory headed by Dr. Otto Struve.

-1959 New Guinea - Fr. Gill and parishioners watch hovering spacecraft as human UFO pilots wave and

          conduct repairs. BHFSM 17.

-1960 Presidential Candidate JFK accepts invitation to meet with George Adamski.

-1959 Canada, Summer, space ship with port holes and smiling humans looking out hovers over air show.

          Authorities confiscated film.

-1960 Dr. Struve startled the scientific world & public by announcing Project Ozma ... he stated that there  

          must be at least one million inhabited planets in our galaxy. In 1969 Dr. Frank Drake, Ozma chief, stressed benefits of contacts with advanced worlds: guides to ending disease and prolonging life, to living without war, speeding up space travel and learning the secrets of the universe.

- 1960 Col. Joseph Bryan USAF (Ret.) Former special asst. Sect of the USAF "The UFOs are interplanetary devices systematically observing the Earth, either manned or remote controlled, or both. Information on UFOs
has been withheld. This policy is dangerous." AFS, p 12.

-1960 X -15 pilot Joe Walker films 5 or 6 disc and cylinder shaped objects during a record breaking flight.

-1960 (May 2) 15 Companies are engaged in gravity research - Electronic News Magazine.

-1961 Exploring Tau Ceti, in first 2 minutes signals were heard, unmistakably an intelligent code. The

          government attempted to explain it away as secret military code. Abruptly, Dr. Struve declared Proj.

          Ozma closed, changed his tune and stated that it was folly to listen for other world messages.

-1961 Secret meeting at Green Bank estimates the number of worlds capable of communicating w/Earth ...

          THE GREEN BANK FORMULA... there are between 40,000,000 and 50,000,000 worlds which are

          either trying to signal us or are listening for messages from earth.

-1961 Project. Ozma continues from a smaller station in Puerto Rico - Arecibo.

-1961 Vice ADM R.H. Hillenkoetter, former CIA, RADM H.B. Knowles and Army Reserve Col. Rbt.

          Emerson, former AF monitor Dewey Fournet and J.B. Hartranft, Jr. AF Lt. Col. & President of the

          Worldwide Aircraft Owners Assn. House Majority Leader Mike Mansfield push for full

          investigation by the Science and Astronautics Committee headed by Congressman Overton Brooks.

          At same time the various legislators had come out against secrecy: Senators Dodd, Goldwater,

          Keating, Kefauver, Proxmire.

          Representative Lindsay (mayor of NY) called UFO sightings a matter of vital importance and stated

         "The security of the US does not always demand total secrecy ... The American people are fully

          capable of understanding the nature of these problems". Conference set for Aug 24th 1961.

          Congressman Brooks got sick and died - His successor w agenda, Congressman Geo. P. Miller.

-1962 This same "pro-group" decide to gather the strongest evidence and call a press conference (Feb).

         afs 97. The success of it was based on having Vice ADM R.H. Hillenkoetter, former CIA director

         spearhead the conference and to introduce authorities who would release proof of the interplanetary

         origin of the space craft. CIA caught wind of the plan ­when one of the planners checked a flagged file

         for an address of one of the key witnesses. afs 97-102  As the show down approached Hillenkoetter

         backed out WI the following letter: "Dear Don, (Keyhoe) I know the UFOs are not U.S or Soviet

         devices. All we can do now is wait for some action by the UFOs. The AF cannot do any more under

         the circumstances. It has been a difficult assignment for them, & I believe we should not continue to

         criticize their investigations. I am resigning from the NICAP Board of Governors"



         "The UFOs are unknown objects operating under intelligent control ... The AF is still censoring UFO

          sightings. Hundreds of authentic reports by veteran pilots and other technically trained observers

          have been ridiculed or explained away as mistakes, delusions or hoaxes .. ." Who leaned on the

          Admiral to silence such a powerful man??

-1962 (Oct 29th) Withholding information from the public was admitted by Defense Asst. Sect. Arthur

          Sylvester. If the ends justified it, he said, it was “not wrong” to keep the public in the dark.

-1963 Space Science Board emphasizes the great impact which finding other world life will have on all of

          us. "The discovery of life on other planets will have an enormous and lasting effect on people for

          every race and culture". It stressed that finding other intelligent life should be our main goal. afs 246

-1964 Police sergeant observes (Socorro, NM. 4/24/64) ... object about 15 feet long, white in color, and

          beside it, unaware of his presence were two humans working on the object who were dressed in

          silvery overalls. afs 238

-1964 BBC (Apr 28) Prof. H. Bruck Astronomer Royal for Scotland, "The planets in our solar system are

         likely to have humans similar to ourselves, whom we shall meet very soon." He even added that it

         was very likely they are visiting us now.          

-1965 “I’ve been convinced for a long time that the flying saucers are interplanetary. We are being

           watched by beings from outer space.” A.M Chop, Deputy PR director, NASA. True Mag 01/65

-1965 (OCT 22) Geof Gary-Cobb, now a Canadian writer-editor, participated in the UFO signal tracking

          while the control operator for NASA's So. African Deep Space Instrumentation Facility near


-1965 (July) Massive sightings over White House, Washington Airport & surrounding areas.

          It's estimated that only 10% get reported - by mid July the AF had about 9,000 reports. AFS 115

-1964 “I feel that the AF has not been giving out all the available information on these UFOs. You cannot

       disregard so many unimpeachable sources.” John McCormack, Speaker of the House. True Mag 65

-1965 House Armed Services Committee Hearings Chaired by Mendel Rivers –

                                                    Basically a Whitewash –  concluded:

* No info had been withheld.

* The AF had never ridiculed witnesses.

* There's no evidence that UFOs are from other worlds or that they even exist.

* There are no unexplained photographs or radar reports.

            * There never was a "Top Secret Estimate of the Situation" which concluded that the UFO's were 

               alien spaceships.

Some committee members did not accept these findings. Cong. Rivers decided against a full probe and ended the hearings. During this hearing the idea of getting a "university" involved in the study comes UD. afs 120-121


-1965 “There is scientific evidence that strange objects are circling our planet. It is lamentable that

            governments have drawn a veil of secrecy around this matter.” Prof. G Alvial, Cerro Calan

            Observatory. Reuters 08/65

-1966 USAF Consultant Hynek contradicts official denials in the Armed Services Committee Hearing –

          called for an end to witness ridicule & stated that the truly puzzling reports came from reliable, stable,

          educated people - including scientists. afs 122

-1966 (Aug?) Rep Ed Hutchinson introduces House Resolution #866 to investigate Proj. Blue Book

          methods. afs 126

-1966 God's desire to share His goodness "would be better satisfied by having myriads of galaxies

          inhabited by intelligent beings". Rev. J. Lynch, Scientist-Priest.

-1966 NASA GODDARD releases Chronological listing of Lunar Events. Notes moving & colored

           lights, objects, fog, mist, clouds, etc.

-1966 The USAF has not been giving out all available information on these UFOs - you cannot disregard

          so may unimpeachable sources. John McCormack, Speaker of the US House of Representatives.

-1966 (Aug 7) Full-page discussion of UFOs in the Washington Star. Col. Cooke (Ret) bringing out

          powerful evidence supporting the interplanetary origin of the space crafts. afs 126'

-1966 USA: more sightings cause members of congress, press and public to demand the truth.

-1966 (Oct 7) AF HQ. announces that Colorado University at Boulder has been awarded the AF contract.

          To divert a showdown AF paid $523,000.00 to Colorado University (CU) for a supposedly "unbiased"

           investigation to be headed by Dr. Edward Condon. The contract called for "total objectivity", and Dr.

          Condon stated that the investigation would be, "conducted under conditions of strictest objectivity".

-1966 (Aug 9) Behind the scenes: In a memo written by project administrator Robert Low, to CU VP

          Thurston Marshall and other university heads, Low states, "Our study would be conducted

          exclusively by non-believers ... The trick would be, I think, to describe the project so that, to the

          public, it would “appear” a totally objective study”.  afs 151

          Of almost 15,000 reports provided to the study by NICAP less than 100 were checked and the ones

          that were used were· the weakest. Very few responsible witnesses were interviewed.

-1966 (And early 67) Nat'l Newsman Frank Edwards & group advocating an end to the secrecy plan to

           expose on nationwide TV the evidence, publishes book, Flying Saucers – Serious Business, but

           passes away in 1967. afs 147

-1967 Fred Steckling book, Why Are They Here – Space Ships from Other Worlds. Receives &

      accepts invitations for Adamski’s films to NASA Goddard, Pentagon, Worldwide TV & Radio.

-1967 (Oct 17) Cong Louis Wyman submitted a congressional resolution for a full UFO investigation - w/o

            waiting for the Condon Rpt. afs 150

-1967 Jack Anderson reports UN Sect. Gen. U Thant considers UFOs the most important problem facing

           the UN next to Vietnam.

-1968 (Feb.5) Dr. James McDonald (degrees in chemistry, meteorology & physics & a member of the NSF

          & the Nat'l. Academy of Science): Receives permission from two CU Proj scientists to inform the

          National Academy of Sciences about the Low Memo in an attempt to get the project on track.

          Condon's Response to the two scientists: To Dr. Saunders; For an act like that (allowing McDonald

          to have the memo) you should be professionally ruined!" To Dr. Levine ... his actions were called

          "treacherous". Both were fired sighting "incompetence". afs 175


-1968 (Apr 16) Henry Ford II sees UFO from his corporate plane 500-600' diameter- paced his jet for about

          1 hour. AF couldn't call Ford a crazy so they used "No Comment".

-1968 (End of April) LOOK Article comes out calling the CU project a fiasco Congressmen Rousch & others

           demand a congressional investigation.

-1968 (May 28) Denver Post reports Cong. Rousch attacked the CU investigation on the floor of the House  

          he also told its Washington bureau that the CU probe was an AF trick rigged from the start.

-1968 (July 29) Hearing by the House Science and Astronautics Committee Cong. Rousch in charge. Rules

           issued by Chairman Geo. P. Miller with these conditions:

• No criticism of the AF or the CU Proj would be allowed .• Officially called a hearing, but labeled a symposium on UFOs, (to remove any idea that this was a actual investigation) .• Newsmen not allowed to ask questions .• Many scientists gave reports. Dr. James McDonald gave 320 + pages of verified reports with proof that official public explanations were untrue - most of them AF Debunking answers. After the

hearings several legislators kept pushing for a genuine investigation. Earlier Cong Wyman introduced a resolution requiring a full investigation by the Science & Astronautics Committee (HR 946) afs 186


-1968 (Oct 31) CU Rpt delivered to USAF HQ for review.

CONCLUSIONS of the Condon Report:

• There's no secrecy· No danger from UFO's· No evidence that such objects even exist. Condon denied that UFO's were anything but illusions, failure to recognize ordinary objects, and fabricated reports. Many witnesses were inept, unduly excited or otherwise unreliable.

NOW CONTRAST THIS TO WHAT THE CONDON RPT SCIENTISTS SAY.  30% of the cases reviewed in the Condon Report Scientist” analysts conceded that the objects could not be explained with ordinary answers. Most observers were astronauts, military and airline pilots and other well qualified specialists. afs 250.


When AF Reviewers finished: THE Dilemma .. • To ask CU to change all this damaging material would be risky. If Dr. Condon had not known of these hot cases and conclusions, that would be a major problem .• Any firings at CU would cause another outburst on Capitol Hill & Nixon, who was just coming into office, would almost certainly order a full scale investigation. afs 264-265 Because, Condon had once tangled with the House Committee on Un-American Activities over his security clearance - Nixon was on that committee. afs 271

-1968 (Nov 15) Rpt Sent to the Nat'l Academy of Sciences (NAS)

           They are still with us today &  are very powerful - we see their official scientific proclamations in the

           news on a regular basis - watch how they handle this hot potato. NAS was to take it or leave it - they

           could not reinvestigate the evidence. They were to just examine the methodology and how the project

           had been run.

AND while more sightings, photographs & contacts continued ... The NAS panel scientists unanimously accepted Dr. Condon's conclusion and praised the project for its "creditable" UFO study. afs 266-267


-1968 "We would be naive to believe that God's grace has only been given to the inhabitants of Earth."

          Father Reyna, SJ, Santa Fe Astronomical Observatory

- 1969 July Apollo 11 Lands on the Moon.

ANOTHER DILEMMA – The media’s involvement.

These strategies are still in use today and however, now with greater precision …..To turn the Washington press corps loose on this unbelievable evaluation would be to invite disaster. So they stalled in releasing the report to the press. Waiting to get as close to Inauguration Day - when the press would be very busy. 


-1969 (Jan 8) To pave the way, USAF Public Info. Office released the NAS evaluation. Then they gave the

          news people the 1500 page report for release the next day.

-1969 (Jan 9) Evening news praises Condon's conclusions.

          HOWEVER another REACTION: Conclusions denounced by J. A Hynek, Congressman J. Edward Roush, chairman of the 1968 hearings, attacked it on the floor of the House. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics revealed a two-year objective scientific investigation & rejected the CU Rpt.


Condon’s response to Attacks:

Part of his outburst was aimed at publishers of UFO material & teachers who allow students to read such "pseudo science" ... "If found guilty, they should be publicly horse whipped and banned forever from their professions"


- 1969 (Nov) AIM announced a symposium on UFOs to be held at their annual meeting.

           Condon asked them not to, of course they didn't care. Condon asked VP Agnew to interfere - he


-Dec 17th - nine days before the meeting - the AF unleashed the CU findings again & the press accepted

          all of it. This made it difficult for most people to speak out. afs 280

-1969 Huge turbulent vapor Water clouds discovered in Outer Space.

-1969 (Dec) AF announced all UFO reports had been explained. Dr. J. A Hynek, AF Chief Consultant

          states, the AF still had over 3,000 unsolved reports observed by scientists, pilots etc. afs 2.

-1969 USAF Academy Introductory Space Science Vol II Dept. of Physics "this is not published

          material" ... There is "intelligent life on a majority of the planets in our solar system or a surprisingly

          strong interest in earth by members of other solar systems."

END of 1970: Air Force Academy Text Book becomes public - prepared in 1968 to give senior AF Cadets

          an appraisal of the UFO SITUATION. Previously quoted chapter was replaced with an all out

          debunking job.

-1971 Moon Water & Geysers for 14 HOURS, reported by instruments left by Apollo 12 & 14 astronauts.

-1971 Rice University - Lunar instruments record water clouds erupting from cracks in the lunar surface.

-1971 Industrial Research (respected engineering magazine) 80% of its members rejected the CU

          Report. 76% believed that the government was concealing some of the UFO facts & 32% believed

          that UFOs came from other worlds. afs 283


-1975 (9/19) In a continuing attempt to debunk George Adamski - major media in Britain "revealed" that

           Adamski supposedly modeled his flying saucer "scout ship" design after a similar shaped bottle

           cooling machine. After the media excitement calmed down, the patent holder of the bottle cooler

           machine came forward and said that the story was backwards: he had modeled his patented design       

           after the scout ship photos taken by Adamski. (FSR Vol 21, #3/4. 1975)

-1975  ‘It seems that ALL Apollo & Gemini flights were followed, both at a distance & sometimes also

           quite closely, by space vehicles of E.T. origin – flying Saucers, of UFOs. Every time it occurred, the

           astronauts informed Mission Control, who then ordered “Absolute Silence.” Maurice Chatelain,     

           Engineer & Telecom Patent holder Apollo systems NASA.  ACFOS, pg 27.

-1976 Prof. Kato, Tokai Univ. Aerospace Sci. Lab. Japan: The Japanese satellite Taiyo reveals that

          unusual weather and earthquakes are being caused by nuclear tests. (9/76 Shukan-Gendai #30)

-1976 Astronaut Gordon Cooper: "Intelligent beings from other planets regularly visit our world in an

          effort to enter into contact with us. I have encountered various ships during my space voyages.

          NASA and the American government know this and possess a great deal of evidence. Nevertheless,

          they remain silent in order to not alarm the people." LA Herald Examiner 8-15-76.

-1979 NASA engineer Alan Holt revealed government scientists have found "data gathered during UFO

          investigations closely matches the physical effects generated by hydro magnetic fields that may vault

          future US spacecraft across entire galaxies".

-1979 Water on Mars Indicated. Evidence of two large subsurface accusations of water, one of  

           which may be hospitable to life.

-1980 LIFE ON MARS. According to Dr. R. Jastrow, Founder & Director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for

          Space Studies. “the space agency has a skeleton in the closet. Data from Viking reveals positive     

          evidence of microbial life on Mars.  In 2011 study CONFIRMED AGAIN.

-1981 We Discovered Alien Bases On The Moon, by Fred Steckling. 125+ NASA Lunar Photos.

-1984 NASA Release reiterates information from past debunking campaigns in public literature mailed to

          people inquiring about UFOs. Citing the credibility of the Condon Report: UFOs are no threat,

          "unidentified’s" don't represent any techno­logical developments or principles beyond the range of

          present day knowledge and there's no evidence that "unidentified’s" are extraterrestrial vehicles.

-1986 Dr. Cyril Ponnamperuma, Dir. Maryland's Laboratory of chemical Evolution ET may look like us - "It

          is demanded by chemistry ... with the same elements believed to exist throughout the universe,

          these is a strong likelihood that the genetic code can spell-out proteins only in the way known on

          Earth." I.E. the fundamentals of life exist surround us in space & this like organic matter has

          been raining down on our planet, and ALL planets, by tons each day, since the beginning.

-1987 Amino acids - building blocks of life identified in meteorite. LA Times Article (Sept.) Etc:

-1989 2nd Int'l Conf. on UN & World Peace (Seattle 14 Apr.): Gary Whiteford, Ph.D. (Geologist) correlates

          earthquakes to the effects of nuclear testing. "The average number (of quakes) in the (Magnitude 6

          to 6.5) range has tripled since 1950 ... " "There's a highly dangerous coincidence." Dr. Whiteford.

-1991 Large amounts of the rare element beryllium are found on a satellite returned to Earth. The isotope

          was thought to exist only much closer to Earth. (2-22-91)

- ET Life Connections Continue: More elements, more water, more tectonic activity, more exoplanets, etc. continue to be discovered and announced to the public.


Propulsion system:
On Earth, many writers have referred to “anti–gravity” devices, and in our scientific researches the idea has been introduced that gravity can be wrestled to a standstill. This is not an efficient approach.
Space Ships that today are visiting our world from other planets operate on a “Pro-Gravitic” principle, using the natural forces, instead of attempting to fight them. Since these ships operate on electrostatic power, it would be useless for them to fight geomagnetic forces, since Earth’s geomagnetic field alone has an electrical potential of billions of volts.
A flying Saucer, or “pro-gravitic” craft, operates by generating its own gravitational field, which surrounds it in a general spherical pattern. This field is adjusted to resonate, or blend in harmony with the planet’s geomagnetic field. The resonating gravitational filed causes the ship to be weightless. In this weightless or balanced condition, the ship, wherever it may be, can be moved by a relatively slight thrust. While in its self-generated pro-gravitic field, the saucer can travel at a rate exceeding the speed of light. Using the forces of Nature, its movement can be the same as that of natural forces. The propelling power as produced by the generator within the spacecraft can be compared to that provided by the Van De Graaff electrostatic generators, which are used in our own physics laboratories. A ship within its force field can be compared to a planet within its atmosphere, moving as a unit through space. So when a spaceship accelerates and seems to disappear, it has merely achieved “Prime Merge” and its force field is vibrating at a speed faster than visible light. At higher frequencies, it may become transparent to radar signals as well. (However, it is very real, solid and within our dimension and time.) Flying Saucers Farewell, Adamski, p36-39

Metaphysics, Psychism, Religion:
Compare, then, many of our present day psychics, who claim to have attained overnight the power & understanding with which to prophesy, & who make personal promises to any and all – via, they say, communications with the space people. Physical or spirits, they care not. Their information for the most part is received through the Ouija board, automatic writings, trance, or invisible people “Talking” into their minds. By such methods promises have been made time to time of mass landings by space people planning to take over control of the Earth and her inhabitants. Some have even announced to be the chosen ruler when this takes place. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH.
Warnings of tragic events to take place, with promises to pick up and save those who have “raised their Frequencies,” fall into the same category. These are but a few of the many “Messages” being promiscuously broadcast today, purportedly from space visitors, SUCH FALLICES HAVE NO PLACE IN OUR ASSOCIATION WITH THE PEOPLE FROM OTHER WORLDS.”
During the years that such false rumors and reports have been increasing in numbers, the thinking public has turned away, often in disgust, and has impatiently rejected the reality of interplanetary travelers, especially the validity of personal contacts of any sort, classifying them all as being in the same worthless category. Now little by little, with scientific events developing, the thinkers are demanding logical explanations of that which can no longer be denied. But they want no fantasies or confidence games! Flying Saucers Farewell, Adamski, p 111-120

In recent decades, nearly 50% of reported UFO sightings are of crafts mimicked, developed, reversed engineered, or tested by our own numerous factions of military & governments – Multi levels divided, often separate or unaware of each other …. Sightings of Vehicles that are triangular, jagged or rough shaped, or with appendages or extensive protrusions are from planet Earth. The REAL propulsion system dependant on such speeds & abilities demonstrated of true space flight will not support such shapes or protrusions – such would be sheared off. Football, Cigar, Saucer remains the Norm. Thus alongside atmospheric explanations, or other misidentifications, etc, that still leaves approximately 20% or less that are REAL EXTRATTERRESTIAL SPACE SHIPS….  SO KEEP LOOKING !


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