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The animation of the ship you are viewing above is from an 8mm movie shot by George Adamski with Madelaine Rodeffer in 1965. If you have a slow connection, this animation may take a minute or two to load into your browser's cache - enjoy the text as this loading takes place.

Copyright Protected © GAF / INTL"Flying Saucer" or Scout Ship photographed in the morning of December 13, 1952 at Palomar Gardens, California, USA, by George Adamski. Crafts, identical and similar to this, have been seen and photographed by reliable witnesses around the world.

Copyright Protected © GAF / INTLThis is the last of a rapid series of four telescopic pictures taken by George Adamski on March 5, 1951. In the first picture only one saucer is visible. In each successive pitcure more saucers have left the mothership until in this exposure six are visible.

Copyright Protected © GAF / INTL "As I was observing the moon through my six-inch telescope I noticed a number of very small pinpoints of light apparently rising form the Moon's surface. I have observed this body endless times during the last twenty years but I had never before seen anything like them. I quickly attached my camera and took this photo. whether they were on the Moon's surface or hovering far out in space I cannot say. I only know that natural celestial bodies do not stop, start and change direction at will. I do believe that interplanetary travellers may use our satellite as a base from time to time." "Many astronomers have observed similar formations." (Flying Saucers Have Landed by Leslie & Adamski - plates 2&3. George Adamski's portion of this book has been reprinted in "Inside The Space Ships").

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Documented with over 100 NASA photos and area blowups!!
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Additional Compelling Evidence
scout compare
Now you can study these photographic analysis and enhancements and see the contrasts and comparisons for youself.