by George Adamski - 1937

The subject of bringing heaven upon earth may strike the Ear of the listener like the dull sound of a cracked chime for it has, during many centuries, been preached and prophesied by every spiritual leader who has either a pulpit or a soap box from which to speak. Yet there is much to be said regarding the kingdom of heaven and a great deal more to be acted upon. Notwithstanding the fact that all these spiritual leaders orate to great length upon the grandeur of heaven, there is not one of them who believe in it to such an extent that he invariably calls for the best medical attention to pro- long his existence upon the earth. His followers, of course, seeing that heaven that he preached is not as attractive to him as he tried to present it to others are thrown into a state of doubt concerning it.

Oh ye blind leaders of the blind. Why build a false foundation for thy temple? Because of the lack of truthful understanding and faith, the masses have been confused and instead of building heaven on earth they have been cast into friction of conflicting thoughts which characterize what we know as hell.

Jesus said, "The kingdom of heaven is within you." Heaven is harmony and unity. At the time of Jesus' birth the angels gave their heavenly blessing, "Peace on earth, good will to men." And such is the heavenly state, peace and the brotherhood of man, which is something that must be evolved gradually out of chaos. The time will never come when the world of men will suddenly see a beautiful city of gold descending upon the earth. There will be NO direct change when a brilliant light will envelope the planet and all weeds will turn into beautiful flowers, dirty hovels transformed into mansions, and mortal beings will be instantaneously released from their burden of selfishness to dance carelessly through the fields and forests like a million 'pans' at play. The Infinite Hand will not one day wave a wand over us and say, 'Be thou transformed.' God does not deal in fairy tales; He is a practical God. He has given us free will, dominion, and the power of growth. He has made us like himself who is a God of peace and not one of confusion. As His offspring we are conceived in peace and the Father will wait billions of years for us to claim our heritage, but it rests with man to proclaim upon earth the kingdom of heaven which is his by birth.

We look upon the conditions of the world today and see religion and government opposing earth other. We see the people oppressed by military dictatorship just as they were during the Egyptian dynasty and at the time of the Roman Empire. Freedom is becoming an unknown quantity in life and peace is little understood. Each Individual is placing the blame for these disturbed conditions upon others; every man is against his brother and every man says, "How can we ever expect to have heaven upon earth when such conditions continue to exist? Why hasn't something been done about it?"

Oh, men of earth, why cast ye the mote out of your brothers eye and perceive not the beam that is in your own eye? "The kingdom of heaven is within you", the master said, Can you bring forth that kingdom of heaven within yourself while you are condemning another, discriminating between the yellow, white, black, or red race? You are looking to the head of governments and the heads of churches to bring about heavenly conditions upon earth but what can a few do among millions? Can one cell in your physical body do the work of the other twenty nine billion cells? No, each one has to do its part to unite in perfect harmony with every other cell if there is to be a peaceful condition in the whole body, and as it is with the human body so it is with the body of nations, worlds, and the universe itself. Heaven will be brought upon the earth not through creeds and doctrines or various forms of government but through individual evolvement. When each individual making up the whole race becomes conscious of the heaven within himself, the world will reflect that heaven.

In one of the ancient books the story is told of the three evil spirits who stole the key of heaven and sought to hide it from man. One of the evil spirits said, "We will hide it in the depths of the sea. And another said, "no, for that place is to obvious; man will surely seek it there." Suddenly the third of the evil spirits cried excitedly, "I have it, We will place the key within man, himself, he will never think to look for it there." All agreed that was the perfect place so they put the key within the depths of man's own being and he is still seeking everywhere but the place closest to himself,

Looking to the outer things for heaven is vain; seeking peace or joy from the effective world is useless. Only that which comes from within one's own being is thoroughly incarnated throughout his being. No man can give you glory, and no man can take your glory from you for it is not a personal thing. Your world is tinged with the colors that you, yourself radiate and if there is no radiation from the center of your being your world will be totally dark.

The simple little narrative regarding the sunbeam depicts this truth very clearly.

The little sunbeam was traveling through space and on her journey she contacted one who told her of a dreadful thing called darkness. "Why, I have never seen darkness and I have traveled far," said the sunbeam. "But I will go still farther until I have found this thing that makes men tremble and fear for it interests me." So the sunbeam sought in every corner of the earth; she went to the lowest planes of life and she went to the highest planes of life but everywhere she went she found only light and loveliness and things were beautiful. At last she returned to the one who had told her of the darkness. 'Surely," she said, "you are mistaken about the thing called darkness for I have traveled the whole world over, I have sought in every crevice and corner of the earth but I have found only light."

And so should it be with every ray that emanates from the Father's throne. "Let there be light," God said, and there was light. And there is light that abides within each living thing.

Jesus continually turned his vision to the Light of his true perfect being and he reported that there is no evil in the world, that nothing shall by any means harm you. He knew the kingdom of heaven; the radiation of his own being transmuted his world into a thing of beauty. He did not discriminate between races, colors, creeds, or theories. He did not look to a personal deity but to an impersonal Creator; his law was not hate but love. And if the kingdom of heaven is to be brought upon the earth every man must live the life as he lived it. All must behold the oneness of life, the unity of being.

If there is to be peace among nations there must first be peace in the hearts of the individuals making up those nations. If there is to be harmony between religion and government there must first be harmony in the minds of those who take part in religious and governmental activities, Every man must look to his own lamp if he would dwell in a heavenly kingdom of light.

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