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Indications of advanced human civilizations
on other planets and implications for earth:

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    Palomar Gardens  
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Solar Systen

How our Solar System really looks.
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Solar System by George Adamski


Did you know?
The Earth’s magnetic field deflects 1.5 million tons of solar material shoot off the sun at 100 miles per second


Star watching, history,
data & evidence shared ...

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Glenn Steckling's new book: Since my family and I have been involved with credible exobiology information for over half a century, read this book detailing these activities, including our invitations to NASA, The Pentagon and Select committee of Britians House of Lord's and much more. 

The data is real and the history is clear. For those who continue to deny... hear what Admiral of the Fleet Lord Hill-Norton told UFO deniers... “either put up or shut up.” Furthermore, those who deny and mislead either don't know or they are intentionally entrenched maintaining some degree of silence.

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UFO DISCLOSURE - Is is possible or just a dream?

Why the Space People are Here?

The Forces that Deter our Progress & Why?

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Motherships, Pentagon & Harvard Astronomy Dept. Military Press - Motherships - Pentagon - Harvard

Motherships, Pentagon & Harvard Astronomy Dept. ???

Additional Compelling Photographic Evidence
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Behind The flying Saucer Mystery II
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Chronology of Significant

ALL formal and informal consideration of ET visitations MUST have the benefit of the full and factual HISTORY of the ETs' attempts to help disclose the truth of their peaceful arrival and efforts to collaborate with us. The above Chronology is a must-read starting point.

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