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We Discovered Alien Bases On The Moon II

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Behind the flying Saucer Mystery II

($19.95 USD + $10.00 S&H)  

The updated 2016  "Behind The Flying Saucer Mystery 2" maintains its 1974 paperback title and contains the entire original 1961 3rd book of George Adamski, "Flying Saucers Farewell." This fresh edition is updated with 55 pages of pertinent and supportive modern data, including an additional 22 page Illustration/photo section of rare newspaper articles, never published personal correspondence and photos. This straight forward republication promotes direct answers to the numerous questions surrounding UFOs and ET visitations.



Available as shown here.

S-M-L Sizes $19.95 plus S&H
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Adamski Stamp Collectable!

Show the world your support and interest in George Adamski and this subject. Available by sheet. Ask for pricing.

Originated by George Adamski in the 1950's and continued by the Adamski Foundation since 1965, these bulletins address space related developments, etc. Posted on this website as time permits.

*1. Inside The Space Ships: by George Adamski.  … TWO books in one. Reprinting combines Adamski’s earlier section from 1953 edition of Flying Saucers Have Landed along with complete text from the original 1955 edition of Inside The 
Space Ships
. $19.95 +  $10.00 S & H.

*2. Why Are Thy Here? Space Ships From Other Worlds: By Fred Steckling.
The result of the author’s association, friendship & contacts with George Adamski.  
These are 1967 first edition issues.$19.95 +  $10.00 S & H.

*3. We Discovered Alien Bases On The Moon II Revised and updated by son G. Steckling in 1997. Includes over 100 NASA photographs proposing E.T, UFO, Atmospheric activity & anomalies on our Moon. $22.95 + $10.00 S & H.

Approximate shipping weight: 14 ounces.

4. Questions & Answers: by George Adamski & Fred Steckling. General information
most frequently asked during public lectures. $6.50 +  $5.65 S & H.

5. (N/A-Being Revised)  40 Year Commemorative Photo Poster (19 x 25).UFO photos
& Foot Print impression from World Renowned original 1952 landing & contact in
Desert Center, Ca. Star field background, suitable for framing. $15.00 +   $7.50 S& H.

6.  50 Year Commemorative Posters. (17x11) Archival photo collage posters commemorating Adamski + his Photos from 1950’s at early Palomar Gardens  Property & School. One Red & One Green - as seen on Website.  $10.00 or 2 for $15  +  $ 7.50 S & H

7.  DVD: Adamski Foundation Director Glenn Steckling’s Oct 2006 Lecture in Brisbane
Australia to UFO Research QLD, one of the oldest UFO groups in Australia. $10.00 +  $5.65 S&H.

Flying Saucers Have Landed8. Bumper Stickers (Outdoor quality): Flying Saucers Have Landed. Order Desert Center and/or Friendship
EACH $3.75
+ $2.65 S&H
per package

9. T-Shirts: Designed in Blue, Green, Purple (sizes S, M, L, XL) Saucer type UFO &
assortment of E.T. Symbols. $16.95 + $5.65 S & H. (Sizes M, L, XL)

Individual Study Course PublicationsTelepathy

10.  Telepathy – The Cosmic or Universal Language: By George Adamski – available in three parts - I, II, & III.  This course explains Telepathy as a natural ability & how to develop and refine it. $25.00 for set of all three + $10.00 S & H.Cosmic Philosophy

11. Cosmic Philosophy: By George Adamski – Addresses Universal Principles
& Cosmic Laws. $25.00 + $10.00 S & H. (Temporarly OUT Of STOCK)

Science of Life12. Science of Life – Study Course: By George Adamski. The importance behind the purpose & understanding of life. With direct input from his Space Contacts, Adamski composed this course in order to help those interested in understanding  these concepts. With Survey, this course comprises Twelve (12) lessons - $50 per set with Binder + $10.00 S&H

CD / AUDIO Recordings

From: Adamski & Steckling - Original Reel to Reel tapes. . .
In response to requests for lectures by the late George Adamski, we are pleased to offer the following original reproductions covering a wide variety of subjects: compiled & edited from many hours of recordings, both public & private. Number 6, by Fred Steckling, covers more recent developments, as well as advice for those wishing to start study groups in their areas. Scientific findings that support Mr. Adamski’s claims are also covered.
$8.00 per audio CD ($12 for lectures w 2 discs)
+ $10.00 S & H

13. George Adamski – Lecture in San Francisco, Ca – 1961. (2 Discs) Importance of
bringing the truth of Space Visitors to the public’s attention. Stresses the need for 
education in the Space field.

14. George Adamski – Rochester, NY – 1965. (2 discs) Q & Answers format. Discusses
new form of education, space people’s philosophy, age & our population explosion.

15. George Adamski – Syracuse, NY – 1965. (1 Disc) Dust falling from our Moon, 3
stages of destruction, man’s close connection to the creator. Gives account of his
contact in California desert with Space person (Orthon) on Nov 20, 1952.

16. George Adamski – Rochester, NY + Henry George School N.Y City – 1965.
(1 Disc) Discusses the seemingly unusual happenings attributed to UFO’s & their
Occupants. Explains that logic can replace mysticism. Addresses the actual purpose
pertaining to Space Visitations.

17. George Adamski – Boston, Mass – April 1965. (2 discs) Addresses basic principles 
of philosophy as lived on other worlds. Shows the importance concerning the 
application &  living or these principles. Question & Answers follows the lecture.

18. Fred Steckling–Vista, CA–1979. (1 disc) Events & Data Supporting Adamski .

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Additional Suggested Reading:

The following books are suggested for serious study and reliable information.
They are only available from libraries or used book stores because they are out of print.

a. Flying Saucers Have Landed - Leslie & Adamski
(George Adamski's portion of this book is reprinted in "Inside The Space Ships" - see above)
b. Behind The Flying Saucers - Frank Scully
c. Space, Gravity and the Flying Saucers - Leonard G. Cramp
  UFOS and ANTI-GRAVITY: Piece For A Jig-Saw - Leonard G. Cramp
d. Flying Saucers From Mars - Cedric Allingham
e. In Search of Ancient Mysteries - Alan and Sally Landsburg
f. We Are Not The First - Andrew Tomas
g. Our Ancestors Came From Outer Space - Maurice Chatelain
h. MOONGATE - William L. Brian II
i. Leap of Faith - Astronaut Gordon Cooper
j. Above Top Secret - Timothy Good

k. The Mars Mystery - Graham Hancock
l. Flying Saucers, Serious Business - Frank Edwards
m. The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects - Capt. Edward J. Ruppelt (1956 Edition)
n. Flying Saucers Top Secret - Maj. Donald Keyhoe
o. Somebody Is On The Moon - George Leonard
p. The Spaceships of Ezekiel - Josef F. Blumrich (NASA Engineer)
q. The Bible & Flying Saucers - Rev. Barry H. Downing
r. Flying Saucers and Common Sense - Waveney Girvan

s. Case for the UFO - Unidentified Flying Objects Morris K. Jessup
t. Pay Serious Attention To UFOs, Says Scientist (article) - Prof. James McDonald