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In response to numerous misrepresentations and distortions concerning George Adamski - this section is dedicated solely to providing a reality based reference area addressing the truth and actual facts.

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Photographs & Films

The Water Cooler Episode of 1975

A sizable photograph in the London Evening News of September 19th, 1975, depicted the chairman of the British UFO Society, Mr. Rogers holding up the top of a bottle cooler discovered by an associate Mr. Lawrence, acquired in an Italian restaurant in London. Apparently the lid or shade of this device was similar in shape to the famous "Bell Shaped Scout spacecraft" photographed all the over the world and by the late George Adamski. Claiming disappointment and disillusionment, the implication was made that Adamski had used such a bottle cooler, constructed in Wigan, Lancashire, as the model for his pictures. Adamski skeptics and detractors, alongside a grateful Press greedily seized the opportunity to once again rush to judgment and debunk both Adamski and the entire subject.

Evening News:  "Flying saucer phoney & how he did it."
Evening Standard:   "The lid comes of a UFO mystery."
Scottish Daily News:  "Flying saucer made in Wigan."
Daily Mirror:  "The UFO made in Wigan."
Northampton Chronicle:  "UFO found in London."

However, on the September 20th broadcast of the BBC Radio News Magazine, a Mr. Frank Nicholson, a refrigerator engineer, came forward proving that he was the actual designer of the bottle cooler in question. Having designed it in 1959, at least six years after the first publication of the Adamski photographs, Nicholson contended that he actually used the Adamski photos as the inspiration for his invention and definitely not the other way around, as so erroneously and irresponsibly implied.

Only two Papers were responsible enough to print retractions. On September 23rd issue of the Daily Mirror printed, " The famous flying saucer picture is not a fake at all." And the September 22 issue of the Bristol Evening Post ran, " Down to Earth with a bang."

So while some would still like to conveniently recall only half of this story, or imply some ridiculous correlation between a water cooler and the Adamski three dimensional spacecraft photos, analyzed to be at least 33 feet in circumference, no such correlation has ever had any basis in reality or fact.

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Ghostwriter Claims
All sections reviewed by Adamski Foundation Legal Counsel
J.N. Stone - Judge (ret) - Attorney at Law

Stories and accusations have recently arisen concerning whether or not George Adamski was the composer and author of the books and materials bearing his name.

One can only ponder the convenient nature of such claims, which abruptly spring forth after nearly 40 years, and after the vast number - but fortunately not all - of original Adamski coworkers from the 1950's & 60's have passed away. However, regardless the absurdity of such allegations, for those not familiar with the man, such misinformation constitutes an additional slur and point of confusion, therefore deserving clarification.

Anyone fortunate enough to have shared history involving George Adamski, let alone those interested in conducting responsibly accurate research knows, or will readily discover, the simple fact that George Adamski was already involved with this subject as early as 1925. Under the title of "The Royal Order of Tibet" lectures and information were broadcast in the Southern California area. From his school, designated after the same name, Adamski conducted classes dedicated to informing the public. Later, during the years from 1936 onward, George continued to teach, conducted lectures and broadcast talks, including several over radio stations KFOX and KMPC in Long Beach, California, enthralling numerous listeners.

From the inception of Adamski's school in Laguna Beach, California during the mid 1930's, through its evolution to Valley Center, later to the property of Palomar Gardens, Palomar Terrace, Carlsbad and lastly Vista, California, George Adamski composed numerous writings, and materials. Some materials were dedicated to philosophy and the concept of Universal Life - fortified by his younger experiences, including travels and tutelage earlier in Tibet. Other materials addressed the evolution of religion and later more involved his interactions with extraterrestrial visitors. During those decades, numerous friends, associates, and volunteers enthusiastically assisted George by dedicating their time and abilities in whatever way possible. During the last two decades prior to his death in April 1965, George Adamski had at least ten such volunteer secretaries in the U.S. alone: Individuals, who via typewriter, shorthand, etc., transposed at George's personal dictation and instruction, his experiences, ideas and works. In a quite natural environment, a collaborative effort was encouraged in order to review, correct, and prepare materials for final release.

Today, what intelligent person would deny or discourage constructive input before finalizing any significant compositions or presentation? And such was the case then, as it is still today. And with such input, would this consequently allow editing parties the right to commandeer or claim ownership from Adamski? Or course not! Any implication that due to this cooperative labor and interaction, these loyal associates, several of whom are still living today, would even consider laying claim to the authorship and authenticity of Adamski's works is beyond any rationality or reality.


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