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Section 7 - 2004
“Who is telling, or who will reveal the truth?” More Life on Mars Evidence, History, News, Presidential Secrecy Mandate, Earth Changes & More.

Section 6 - 2002
“ Peace is not just a matter of disarming guns, it is a matter of disarming minds.”

Section 5 - 2000
Water On Mars & More Indications of Life In Space

Section 4 - 1999
The Millennium & Planetary Changes: Parts 1and 2

Section 3 - 1998
Flying Saucer Farewell Reprint, Structure of our Solar System, Mars

Section 2 - 1998

Section 1 - 1997
World War II Sightings, CIA, Men In Black, Mars, Elements of Life in Space

Come back and visit this site and read exciting excerpts from the GAF Intl-Adamski Foundation's Quarterly Newsletter addressing subjects such as:  

  • Learn of new planetary systems being discovered.
  • Read new and historical scientific and government findings
    and revelations indicating the presence of life and/or life supporting
    conditions in space and on other planets.
  • Understand how the Space Program benefits our nation and the world.
  • Learn about the efforts of individuals and groups to bring forth
    more important space related information concerning life in the universe.
  • Logical insights are presented concerning some of the
    tabloid/Hollywood sensationalism that is so prevalent today.
  • And much more!

George Adamski's Writings

As the only authorized and original source for George Adamski's materials, now you can read and study the information for yourself and make up your own mind. This Newsletter Excerpts section and this entire site is just an introduction. As you study George Adamski's writings you begin to understand why he was so controversial and why his knowledge was in demand by church leaders, royalty, military, scientists, etc. Re-read this site's section "The Landing" and determine your own feel and sense for the value of the message he was given - then follow this feeling and study further.

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