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  Life On The Moon vs.
The Old "Dead Moon" Theory

In 1666 Sir Isaac Newton formulated the Law of Universal Gravitation. Since then, scientists have based their lunar research speculations on calculations using Newton's 1666 Law resulting in the estimation that the moon's gravity is only 1/6 or 16% that of the earth's gravity. Based on this 1/6 gravity assumption is the notion that life can not be supported on the moon because there is not enough gravity to support the necessary atmosphere, etc., required for life to exist.

"Tons of water ice found on moon's north pole ..." 
"Vast pockets of water ice numbering in the millions of tons have been discovered at the north pole of the moon, opening up another region of the lunar surface for potential exploration by astronauts and unmanned probes, NASA announced Monday."

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MSNBC  3.1.10

Space Research Reveals The Probability of a
Lunar Gravity Variable up to 64% Of the Earth's Gravity, and NOT the 16% Previously Theorized

How this works: Prior to going into space, scientists estimated that the neutral gravity point - the location between the earth and moon, where the moon's and the earth's gravitational pull is zero or neutral - was approximately 23,900 miles above the lunar surface. Based on this estimate, the theory of 1/6 lunar gravity was rationalized. However, this is not
accurate because the actual neutral point is located approximately
43,495 from the moon.
Using the actual distance equates to a much higher lunar gravity.

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 References: History of Rocketry & Space Travel, Werner von Braun, Time Magazine, Report From Apollo 11, etc.

Excerpts from NASA's own publication (N6624927), released in 1966,
chronologically lists recorded lunar observations and activities:

  • 1870 Purplish haze illuminating lunar floor
  • 1881 Whole region between Aristarchus and Herodotus appeared in strong violet light
  • 1907 Part of Crater Plato glowing with light
  • 1912 Small red glowing area on shadow side of the moon
  • 1944 Mist on floor of crater Schickard
  • 1955 White flashes near Posidonius
  • 1958 Mt. Piton enveloped in cloud-like mist
  • 1959 Crater Littrow obliterated by hovering cloud
  • Etc., Etc.

From 1871 to 1896, 40 members of England's Royal Astronomical Society reported observing various geometrical shaped light patterns on the moon. In the following years, came confirmed sightings of a moving 50 wide opaque object, great white domes and long bridge like structures on the Plane of Mare Crisium. In 1958 , both US and Soviet scientists collectively observed a huge glowing oval object upon the lunar surface. Washington Daily News 1968

Apollo Astronauts:

Commander Young, Apollo 10, "Boy, I never saw anything like that, it seems the colors are different on the backside; they seem lighter, primarily because of the miara. They're shades of white, black and brown."

Commander Cernan, Apollo 10 "The centers of some of the craters as if they may be radioactive. They just glow in the very dim light."

Astronaut Borman, "It looks like clouds down there."

NASA's Dr. John Freeman reported that instruments left on the moon by Apollo 12 and 14 detected lunar water geysers lasting 14 hours. Water clouds clouds erupted through the cracks on the lunar surface, and the cloud spread to cover an area of more than 10 square miles. "The moon is not a completely dead and inactive place, it is still actively quaking and still actively venting gas." 1971


Atmosphere and pressure must exist in order to support cloud formations, and gravity to sustain that atmosphere..... etc.

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 We Discovered

Alien Bases
On the Moon II
Revised Edition

Documented With Over
100 NASA Photographs

By Fred Steckling


Eighth Edition

Updated & Revised 1997

First printed
in the USA 1981

Plate 89 (front cover) and page 149.
NASA Photo #16-19238. Cigar
shaped aerial object hovering over
the lunar surface.

Near Crater Plato.
Irrigation type pond
or lake. Notice the
almond shaped island.





Space Beings Have Visited Earth, USA Astronomer's Belief... Dr. Carl Sagan Astronomer at the University of California recently told the American Rocket Society the earth may have been visited many times by various galactic civilizations and a base may be maintained for such visits. The hidden side of the moon, he said, would be a reasonable location. He also stated organic life may exist beneath the moons surface and previously he said life may exist on the giant Planet Jupiter." 1962