UFO Abductions and their Validity

by late Fred Steckling [sub-edited in 1997]

Originally published in 1981 by UFO UPDATE magazine

To investigate thoroughly any of the highly publicized UFO abductions and kidnappings one must search recorded history. One must analyze all possible UFO activity, from thousands of years to the present. Activity spanning the globe from China to India, Africa, as well as North, Central and South America.

It is generally accepted that extraterrestrial have visited this planet. Some records still exist such as those located in the far east, records which indicate beings like us having visited China, and actually having left behind some type of recording discs. These type of people were called The Drapas , and it is said that they came to instruct and to teach. There was never any indications or records of abductions associated with them. Ancient legends from every known civilization are unanimously in agreement with such positive descriptions; that beings of greater knowledge and wisdom have descended from the skies, often to reveal the existence of a better way of life. Occasionally, Earth people were allowed to travel with them, only to return some time later. Again, none of these accounts describe any sort of hostile, aggressive, or terrifying experience.

In the carefully recorded history of Tiahuanaco in the Andes, Stonehenge in England, Baalbek in Lebanon, Nasca in Peru, Egyptian and Mayan cultures, plus in Easter Island, there is much evidence directed toward UFO activity, including some supporting visitations from extraterrestrial themselves. Interestingly, the evidence fails to support any notion of abductions or actions against peoples will. To the contrary, the above named locations depicted locations of worship and gratitude toward the extraterrestrials who had shown earth people how to construct, maintain, and grow into higher states of development.

Many theologians are becoming more convinced that Biblical teachings were strongly influenced, if not directly inspired, by extraterrestrial visitations. They sight the Bible as being filled with reports of angelic like beings who, descending from Heaven , space, or the above, appeared exactly like people of earth. In Hebrew 3:2 it states, " be not forgetful to entertain strangers, thereby some have entertained angels unaware." These "angels" appeared to be very friendly. Logical analysis reveals that if these space people appear no different than us, and can live here undetected, why bother to abduct or subject us to lengthy medical examinations? And surely, if we have been entertaining strangers unaware for thousands of years, these strangers certainly have had ample opportunity long ago to learn about the earthman's physiology, and mental reactions.

In Genesis 6:2 and 4, it states "Sons of God took Earth wives and had children with them." Which indicates that these Sons of God had physical and geometrical structures similar to ours. Ezekiel 1:13 to 28 reports of a friendly UFO landing and personal contact with four living creatures once again appearing like earth people. These too, came to instruct and to guide, NOT to abduct or instill fear. If one continues to search carefully, one will find numerous instances where we here on earth have, in one way or another, perpetuated chaotic or unbalanced conditions. These messengers from space would come down to Earth in their fiery cloud like space vehicles, i.e. wheels within a wheel, flying scrolls, etc, and communicate with our leaders or institution in order to help educate us towards correcting such situations. If earth man choose to ignore such beneficial advice, then perhaps a display or of some type of action would be initiated. You may say the definition of "action" could be construed as possibly hostile, however, would it not depend upon who was the original aggressor? For example, intervention in order to disarm aggression between warring factions may require a display of superiority. A display of higher technology, or mere presence, may be construed as a show of force, yet may have many non-hostile or beneficial applications. However, that is not to say that in other times, force may well have had more malicious applications. Such hostile acts, did from time to time happen throughout history too, for not all people coming from space are noble in nature.

Yet, even in these accounts, no mention of abductions and examinations and/or tortures have been recorded. Instances dating thousands of years show that upon occasion, visitations from space were accompanied by overwhelming displays of force and power. If the earth as been visited by both noble and not-so-noble visitors, it would seem that it is a little late for them to want to study us now, and with such awesome power as they have demonstrated throughout history, what value or purpose could kidnapping one, two, or even hundreds of earth people serve now?

Early in 1965, I was informed by reliable sources, that several nations of the earth had managed to duplicate alien space technologies and reproduce so called Research and Development " Flying Saucers, " very similar to ones which have been visiting us for eons. Strangely enough, ever since 1965 the frequency of hostile UFO encounter s have also dramatically increased, becoming more widely reported and accepted. Since that time, helpless victims have recounted tales of being held captive by strange creatures, barley human like, forced to undergo terrifying examinations and experiments in dimly lit vehicles which emitted foul sulfur odors. Considering the many coincidences of the recent years, could it be that some of these encounters are in fact contacts with earth based experimental vehicles, controlled by earthly pilots outfitted in unusual costumes? Of course, one would have to question the motive behind such bizarre actions. One answer could be to scare, confuse and create fear in the public's sub-conscious. To discourage receptivity towards the concept of intelligent life beyond our planet. Or still, to discourage the possible occurrence of any positive interaction between our population and genuine space visitors. After all, we all know how potent a tool fear is, and a fearful people are much easier to direct or manipulate. The number of potential answers are both staggering and troubling. Yet, once again in search for rational answers, let us go back again to ancient historical records of visitations. The majority of contacts were almost always with beings described as "angelic" in appearance. This description depicting beings of not only great beauty, but of refinement and nobility as well. Lately however, the majority of contacts describe exactly the opposite. Creatures deformed in ever aspect of imagination. Fanciful monstrosities almost comical by description. Again, if previous recorded visitations are to be believed, these "angelic" visitors would have little use in kidnapping us, or taking us to their planet. We of earth, for the most part, have never been able to live in peace between ourselves, and as the old saying goes, "one rotten apple can spoil the whole basket," what could we possibly have to offer a society which has learned to function beyond aggression, war, or many of our other common problems.?

In the British book, Alternative 003, the authors reveal from NASA contacts, that the U.S.A. and the former Soviet Union have, since the late 1960's, successfully established lunar bases on our moon. The very well informed authors of the British BBC Broadcasting crew stated that many recent kidnappings of scientists, their relatives and often entire bus loads of other people, were apparently planned acts of our own clandestine agencies operations in order to secure labor for such secret installations. Could this be possible?

There may be another explanation. Some years ago, I heard of 28 people who disappeared from a chartered boat off the Florida coast. These 28 people all had one thing in common; they were of extraterrestrial origin. According to my sources, after traveling by pre-arrangement from different locations around the world, these individuals gathered in Miami to await collective pick-up at sea. Upon notification, they chartered a ship and when the large carrier craft, or "Mother ship" ca me for them, they immediately left everything behind, including their meals sitting upon the tables. Pilots of aircraft have vanished like that too, sometimes with the entire aircraft, and other times the airplanes were returned to airports, landed safely, only to be found with no one in the pilots seat. To make the story even more interesting, the planes were sometimes returned, several hours after they should have run out of fuel. Examination s showed that the fuel tanks were indeed empty, as they should have been. In short, airplanes flown and directed without fuel. I feel that many of today's UFO missions to earth carry the same messages as those of ancient days including Biblical times - except that at that time, there was not the same type of well organized opposition towards them as we have today. Life has become increasingly more complicated both economically and politically, and there exists ever increasing unrest and animosity by those in power. All technical, economical and spiritual advancement lies within the manipulative grasp of those exercising that control. Several officials of our Government once told me, " Our governments are aware that the extraterrestrials are here, and that they are good for us, but we DO NOT want them."

When asked for the reasoning for this peculiar behavior, I was told, " because of political, economical and religious reasons." For example, according to an article published by the Blade Tribune, a Southern California newspaper, a Mexican farmer was given the secret by a spaceman of how to produce giant vegetables. Cabbages of 40 lbs , onions exceeding 9 lbs, etc. The government came with 20 experts to check out this story. Using experimental neutral acreage and fertilizer, these experts could only grow 30 tons of produce per acre. The farmer, armed with the knowledge of high yield production given him by his E.T. contact, produced 106 tons, without the use of fertilizers. He also later complained that the government thanked him for the demonstration, but did not ask how he had accomplished such wondrous feats of agriculture. Even after knowing his story and witnessing the evidence, they insisted that they did not want to know anymore. The question therefore arises, are there not lots of hungry people around the world? And by applying the methods given to that farmer from the extraterrestrial, could not multitudes be fed with little land and even less effort? One can only wonder why a government would not want both progress and betterment for its population. This constitutes only one of many such recorded beneficial interactions between the varying peoples of our planet and those of other worlds.

With the ever increasing volume of documented sightings over the last several decades, there is little denying that we have been, and continue to be, visited by people from other planets. The old angle of official denial can no longer satisfy the majority of people who acknowledge that fact, and so a new approach is in order. We know that the masses can be best controlled via fear and terror of the unknown; this is the greatest weapon any person can wield over another. Could the rash of sightings involving abductions, and the resultant fears, be nothing more than an act of self-defense initiated the few who hold power over so many? The few who feel threatened by the coming of the space visitors and the possibilities of resultant change associated with their growing acceptance??????


by Dr. Carl Sagan - Excerpts
Parade Magazine March 1993

"Based upon a Roper Poll of American Adults specially commissioned by those who accept the alien abduction story at face vale, the pool's sponsors concluded that 2% of all American (believe themselves to) have been abducted. Many repeatedly by beings from other worlds. IF aliens are not partial to Americans, the number for the whole planet would be more than 100 million people. This means an abduction every few seconds. It's surprising that more of the neighbors haven't noticed. Why should beings so advanced in physics and engineering - crossing vast interstellar distances - be so backward when it comes to biology. The pollsters never actually asked whether their subjects had been abducted by aliens; they deduced it: Those who have ever awakened sensing strange presences around them, ever unaccountably seemed to fly through the air, and so on, have therefore been abducted by aliens. The conclusion, that millions of Americans have been so abducted, seems extremely doubtful."

So which is more likely - that we are undergoing a massive but generally overlooked invasion by alien sexual abusers, or that people are experiencing some internal mental state that they do not understand?

"Admittedly, we are very ignorant, both about extraterrestrial beings, if any, and about human psychology."

GAF Comment:

In addition to the above considerations, could mass psychological experimentations (of earthly origin) be partly responsible for a number of these reported experiences?

Shoot to not Kill: Popular Science, 05/03

From this very interesting article, information pertaining to the development and trend of technology, in this case weapons, both offensive and defensive, are reportedly being tested.

One contractor is developing the Active Denial System, a microwave pain beam designed to heat the skin to intolerable levels without burning it. Another is involved with the Advanced Tactical Laser, capable of producing a four-inch-diameter beam of energy capable of slicing through a tank from a distance of 9 miles.

The Pulsed-Energy projectile is designed to fire a pulsed deuterium-fluoride laser that will produce ionized plasma on whatever it comes in contact. Such will cause both pain and kinetic shock, capable of knocking anyone off their feet.

Another counter-personnel system is designed to produce fluorescence in the human eye, resulting in whiteout blindness; and others still use Acoustic devices to produce low frequency, incapacitating sounds. Add to this, biologic based odor devices and chemical brews, and one cannot imagine a wider spectrum of experimentations and their debilitating effects.

(G.A.F. Note: One must also consider that it has become common practice for the general public to become informed of R&D advancements sometimes as far as 20 years after its successful development, as the case with the U2, SR71, etc. Also, how amazing the correlation between the so-called reported effects relating to 'Alien Abductions' with the parallel type symptoms reportedly produced above. For years, many have professed that such devices far exceed our earthly technological expertise. Clearly, such is not the case. And for years, many have countered that few have any concept whatsoever of our true technological capabilities, and therefore everyone should not be so readily eager and willing to place the blame and responsibility of such atrocities beyond this planet where it may not belong.)

Alien Abduction Anomalies
- a Therapists view - Part 1

By Mary Russell

(Published in the August 1995 issue of the Adamski Foundation Bulletin)

With the type of UFO reports bombarding the media, and numerous talk shows promoting these claims, the need to examine this phenomenon with understanding and logic is tantamount. If we are to fight impractical thinking, unrealistic ideas and distorted belief systems, we must gain knowledge of how we function psychologically and look more deeply into the human mind.

A branch of study among therapists known as "Anomalistic Psychology" explores near-death and out-of-body experiences, ecstatic states, psychic activity, report of ghosts, channeling entities, automatic writing and has now - included UFO abductions. Recent brain research has discovered that many anomalous experiences are linked to the release of specific brain chemicals which can cause hallucinations, and are tied to a person's emotional attitude at the time.

This does not mean these experiences are invalid, but how many people really comprehend why they occurred? There is a fine line between genuine experience with ones full awareness and one ego initiated or created from ones mind. This can be hard to determine without some inner insight and reasonable scientific knowledge. In such matters, many therapeutic professionals can make the mistake of influencing a client toward misconceptions of belief, or conclude a client is psychotic, when neither is true. Others are learning to differentiate between fantasy-prone individuals and someone who underwent a brain chemistry change at the moment of a reported event, which makes such claims very real to the person.

We could consider then, that some anomalous experiences such as UFO abductions may be attributed to sensory hallucinations based upon brain chemical release. It is important to realize that the body actually responds to chemical changes and feels the experiences as if it were real. An individuals personal psychological make-up can either enhance or diminish the details of such experiences.

If we analyze the cause of altered brain chemistry, we usually find a particular state of mind produced by a person's thought patterns, like negative and depressing emotions or deep-seated anxiety resulting in body stress. An unusual event may be interpreted in whatever manner the mind momentarily chooses, depending on the motives and desires at the time.

The way we perceive the world is unique yet similar with everyone, so we all have common themes and constructs formed within our minds simply because we are part of the human family. The idea of Flying Sauces, Space Travel and Visitations by extraterrestrials has almost become a modern-day myth, regardless of its validity. Because of our high-tech society, combined with these psychological trends, new cultural motifs have been embraced by many people who incorporate them into their own daily personal problems and experiences.

In any culture, the mind carries archetypes that represent major aspects of life: Birth, procreation, the strive toward maturity, and death. These real life phases usually recede form our conscious minds, but the symbolic images remain in the subconscious, while the actual experiences become memories stored within our bodies.

When a person is traumatized, the altered brain chemistry often creates false images that superimpose themselves on external reality. Forgotten memories and experiences carried in our bodies cells and memory can flashback as if they were occurring in the present. By applying these life themes to some UFO abduction tales, we may see significant comparisons.

Take the classic abductions description by so called "grays" with big dark eyes. Accounts of one taken away from ones bed, pulled along into bright lights, floating to a place where probes and medical exams are administered, only to be safely returned to ones original bed. Does this not parallel a typical birth experience? Where on e is taken from the womb (bed-place of comfort), pushed and pulled through the birth canal (the ramp), only to emerge into the bright, blinding lights of the delivery room (the UFO). Then all orifices are examined by doctors and nurses searing masks with only their eyes revealed and accented (the aliens), then cleaned (people who report fluids over their body) and finally wrapped and deposited into a little bed (returned). In near-death and out-of-body experiences, the sensations are real, but once again could they be confused with the popular, and often sensationalistic notion of bizarre alien encounters. The feeling of being pulled through a tunnel or floating toward a brilliant light, seeing other beings around one. Experiencing a profound revelation can be either a terrifying or inspirational sensation, but a person who lacks this understanding could interpret such feelings many different ways, such as an abduction, or messages from aliens.

Due to our stressful environment, there is a high percentage of people who suffer panic attacks or post traumatic stress disorder, which is characterized by feelings of intense fear, helplessness, anger, and loss of control, and many account for those who claim repeated abductions. When the mind panics, it looses all perspective and opens itself to distortions from within. Every traumatic situation can be blamed on someone else, or "aliens", in order to keep from facing the ugly or painful realities of ones own situation. It is more comfortable to place responsibility outside of ones self, rather than to acknowledge the experience originates within ones own mind. Mental stress can also produce time lapse and brief periods of amnesia where time becomes irregular and devoid of any structure or meaning. Could this too account for the reports of lost time and claims that abductions are beyond our current space/time continuum?

Most abduction stories begin during the night, while in bed during sleep or dream states. If repressed memories are turned into nightmares, which produces troubled sleep, then sleeping is a common time for reoccurrence of stressful symptoms. A vivid nightmare or lucid dream may seem very real indeed. Sexual dreams and nightmares might be falsely attributed to the impression of sexual relation with aliens.

Many researchers are now attributing a sleep disorder as a possible explanation for abductions. This frequent sleep paralysis is often accompanied by hallucinations. A person wakes up and feels like they can not move. The feel awake, but are actually in a hypnopompic state where dreams and reality merge. Even some engrossing daydreams (hypnogogic reverie) can offset delusional experiences.

A stay in a hospital, or having an examination might also be associated with alien confrontations. Any situation where a person in not in control: having surgery, taking medications, the abuse of drugs or alcohol, being confined or severely ill, all these can confuse the mind and return to a person in moments of stress. These could be once again misconstrued as alien abductions by some people.

Why would so many people turn toward this bizarre explanation? We all have a natural ability for thought broadcasting and reception, or telepathy. It is something very real and experimented with by governments, the military and groups who wish to use it for their benefit. One idea, or though, produced by several people can be transmitted and received by numerous others, depending on their vulnerability towards that thought. Then there is the effect of mental contagion. Once a trend in beliefs is established, it is picked up by others, quickly gathering momentum. Where there is one UFO abduction story, there will be many "copy cat" versions. Fortunately, actual truth is NOT defined simply by what people want to believe, or just because a number of people decide to agree to something. As a researcher and therapist, I have had many "encounters of the anomalous kind" in my therapy room, and almost every abduction claim can be reduced down to their all too human psychological components.

In so many circumstances, alien abductions are a game, a dangerous game, played on the minds of the masses. In subsequent parts, we will continue to analyze these reports and look at other possible sources for explanations.

Another explanation... could be this:

Maj. Hans Petersen, Danish Air Force [ret] Director of IGAP

[International Get Acquainted Program in Denmark]

Presents some of this information, and possible ramifications in his recent publication:
In Defense of the Abductees.

"When about 25 million Americans make claims of having been abducted, it stands out. Interestingly, reported instances of abductions outside the American Continent – Canada, the US, Central and South America – until lately, did not primarily exist. Yet, about the time after the last poll, where 10 million Americans indicated their belief in being abducted, then suddenly claimed abductions began sprouting up elsewhere. So today, it can be said the 98% of all claimed abductions took place on the American continent, while the last 2% were found elsewhere – typically England and Germany. Whether there exists some significance or not, coincidentally, these two countries maintain numerous U.S. Military installations."

Maj. Petersen continues by attributing the rise in abduction type implanted memories to advancements in several fields of Earthly origin. These are the development and experimentation with the manipulation of the human mind through Parapsychology, and Psychotronic weapons and machinery.

Psychotronics may be described as the interaction of the mind and matter. Manipulation of this can be divided into several avenues of Mind-altering techniques. One such procedure includes manipulation of human behavior through machinery designed to effect sight, sound, smell, and temperature using electromagnetic energy and sensory deprivation. Another evolves the broadcasting and transference of energy from one organism to another effecting the recipient with a variety of mental and physical symptoms. For example, researchers suggest that certain extreme low frequency (ELF) emissions induce psychoactive characteristics and have been effectively tested. Others methods yet involve telepathic behavior modification, which has successfully induced hypnotic states from a distance of 1,000 kilometers. This type of telepathic hypnosis allows reaction to deeply planted programming without the recipient’s knowledge, maintaining complete anonymity to the extent that he or she believes that such thoughts are originally theirs.

Offering supporting evidence from several sources including, Psychic Warfare - Fact or Fiction: by John White, Battle of the Minds: by Dennis Stacy, Psychic Warfare: by John McRae, and others, Major Petersen offers some of the following information.

"In the early years, Russian scientists developed inventions that the Western World could only imagine in science fiction novels and movies. This included experimentation with low frequency radiation broadcast towards the American Embassy in Moscow, which resulted in serious illness and even death among staff members. The Americans were stunned, but with an incredible concentrated effort and enormous amounts of funds, they quickly succeeded in matching and surpassing the Russians accomplishments in this field."

"Famed Russian physiologist and Doyan of parapsychology, in his article 'Critical Evaluation of the Hypnogenic Method' detailed experiments by Dr I.F. Tomashevsky describing remote radio control of the brain from a distance of one or more rooms. Under conditions where the participant would not know or suspect they were being experimented with. One such early experiment was conducted from a distance in a park where via posthypnotic mental suggestion, the subject complied with the instruction to go to sleep within one minute."

Taken one step further, some speculated into more sinister applications. "By 1956, an Electrical Engineer for the Norden - Katay Corporation presented the possibilities at the National Electronics Conference of Chicago." 'The controlled subjects wound never be permitted to think as individuals. A few months after birth, a surgeon could equip a child with a socket mounted under the scalp, allowing electrode access to areas of the brain tissue. Sensory perceptions and muscular activity could be either modified or completely controlled by bio-electric signals radiating from state controlled transmitters.'"

How very interesting this report from 1956 is, especially considering the allegations of implants being claimed by some abductees.

Petersen continues, "By this time the American Intelligence communities had become involved. In 1992, a former Pentagon liaison indicated that, 'If you could get a hold of a directory of the American Psychiatric Association in around 1956 -57, you'll be sure to find an enormous percentage of individuals listed are foreign born. Mostly they came out of Germany and Eastern Europe in a big wave. They were called 'Technical Specialists', but really were working on these unconventional mind control programs for the U.S. intelligence.' Describing experiments Frankensteinian in nature, 'In one laboratory, subjects were strapped involuntarily into a chair, their heads bristling with electrodes and transducers. Any resistance was met with a paralyzing dosage of curare. The subjects brain waves were beamed into a nearby reception room crammed with voice analyzers, a wire recorder and radio receivers. The systematic annihilation or 'De-patterning' of the subject's mind and memory was accomplished. This sometimes was accomplished with drug over dosage, ECT shocks at 75 times the norm, etc. Psychic driving, the repetition of a recorded message played for 16 hours a day, reprogrammed the empty mind.'"

Perhaps here, one should reflect on the extraordinary correlation between the alleged experiments described and conducted in our own laboratories and the experiences of those claiming abduction.

He continues, "By 1965, Intelligence scientists continued to probe ways to control the human behavior, and they were doing so with space-age technology that made the early days of MK Ultra look like the horse and buggy era. These scientists were advanced in stereotaxis surgery, simplifying the implantation of electrodes in the brain to wipe out a subject’s memory in preparation for hypnotic re-constructive surgery."

Interestingly, this period of time coincided with the emergence of the first wave of alleged UFO abductions.

"The same year, the New York Times learned of these obscure electronic experiments quietly funded by the government, and went tabloid with the front page headline Mind control coming, Scientists Warns." "According to a 1975 issue of Modern People, a Intelligence manual was prepared on the electronic wizardry of Radio-Hypnotic Intra-cerebral Control [RHIC]. When a part of the brain receives a tiny electric impulse for outside sources, such as vision, hearing, etc, an emotion is produced - for example the sight of a gang of boys beating up on an old woman. The SAME emotion of anger can be CREATED by ARTIFICIAL radio signals sent to your brain by a controller. You would instantly feel the same white-hot anger without any apparent reason."


Taken one step further, some researchers are now suggesting that through the use of such mediums as radio and television carrier waves, or perhaps even satellite transmissions, experimentation into the above referenced mind and character influencing thought projection has evolved towards the logical next step. Through the use of wide beam broadcasting, the possibility to influence public perception and reaction in a greater scale - and totally without their cognizance or question - has become available.

When one examines the body of information behind the alleged accounts of alien abductions; the correlations between the alleged victims' descriptions and the comparison with the above information then quite a different set of possibilities and explanations emerge. Upon consideration of the time line, subsequent evolution, pattern and tactics behind the agenda of official UFO denial, then perhaps a significant correlation between the two does exist. Certainly, there are many who feel that this represents one significant piece behind the terrestrial - and NOT extraterrestrial - factor relating to the very real attempt to discourage any positive interaction between our extraterrestrial neighbors and ourselves.

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