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Bulletin Winter 2002 - This information is dedicated not only to the subject of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, but also to the condition of our planet and the state of Human existence, which combined, reflects past and continued interest in this speck of a planet we call home.

Cosmic Bulletin

Winter 2002

Issued Every Four Months, or as Time Permits by

The George Adamski Foundation

All Materials Protected under U.S & International Copyright laws. No reproduction without express written permission from the principles at G.A.F. International / George Adamski Foundation."

We wish everyone, everywhere, a Merry & Joyous Holiday Season……

As we celebrate that little child, and later teacher, who came into this world, the Christ born and conceived under the universal principle of love, bestowed with compassion, tolerance and understanding towards all life, we are reminded that we are all part of one another, no matter what perceived nationality or status.

As Jesus grew older, he mastered the principle of love and became a symbol to us all, a symbol of the noblest thoughts. He taught and lived that we are the children of the same Father, and strove to awaken us to our potential and responsibilities. Therefore, his presence symbolized the birth of ‘finer’ qualities within all humanity everywhere.

As we near the end of this year, and welcome the approaching new one, we hope and wish for peace and prosperity. However, historically and through past experiences, we have learned that achieving such peace of mind, and worldly peace, is not an easy endeavor. For the fundamentals of peace must begin with each of us, through the growth of working in unison, through the respect of each other’s rights of expression, in our homes, communities and nations thus enabling the common good of all. Peace must be, and can only be attained through the preparation for Peace, and not by the instigation of conflict, confrontation or aggression.

Unfortunately, today’s society is based upon competition; there are those who are consumed in the endless struggle for a greater than proportional share of everything - land, power, wealth, recognition, etc. In the process of acquiring this dominion over such ambitions, unaware, they themselves become consumed by that very process and thus willingly, and unwittingly become themselves instruments of others far greater interests and manipulations. No longer the master of circumstances as would like perceived, but mere pawns in a much greater game. And once again Peace, both from within and without, becomes nothing more than a fleeting concept.

It has been stated that, “ Peace is not just a matter of disarming guns, it is a matter of disarming minds.” Through intelligence and positive, creative initiatives, far greater things may be achieved. A peaceful being is one who is matured in the concepts of reason and intelligence, empowered with the meaning and desire for true peace and rationality.

The abolishment of arms is not necessarily the first step, but rather to teach and assure the human mind that it is not inherently violent – to help it understand that such is merely a condition it has become accustom and trained to repetitiously accept. Once that understanding is acknowledged, reversal ensues, and all the rest will naturally follow.

“So as Ye Sow, So shall Ye Reap”: so it was stated millenniums past, and with the timeless universality of this statement, still is it evermore valid today. For truly, as our worldly situation and events continue to escalate, never more than before can we see this law in action. What is set into action comes home to roost, as the old saying goes. Yet, when this statement was made, its clarity was no less simple or straight forward then it is now. Measure for Measure, what is set in motion reciprocates by deed and intent, and regardless the excuses, there can be no dodging the reaping of its responsibility. In time past, the hope was that mankind would realize that in order to participate in the experience of peace, equality, respect, dignity and such higher aspects of our human potential, each of us must be prepared to set these principles in motion. From Conscious thought into action, allowing the ripple effect to reverberate outward. And as Like attracts Like – that which is set out, is once again attracted in return. With all that surrounds us today, let us all keep this in mind as we venture to celebrate the Holiday Season and times thereafter. “Expect not from those, that which you would not do yourself. Do unto others, as you would have them do onto you. And to love one another, the greatest, simplest, gift of all…..”

News Of Interest:

Reuters – Science, December 03, 2002: British Military Suppressed UFO Information.
According to the news release, a Parliamentary watchdog ruled that the British government tried to cover up one of the most famous recent UFO sightings. “The Rendlesham Files” contained eyewitness accounts by U.S. Air Force officers who saw a brilliant object land in the forest in December of 1980. Described as a triangular metallic object, approximately three meters by two, with a pulsating red light on top surrounded by blue lights underneath, hovering on legs, it left a depression seven feet in diameter and readings of beta and gamma radiation ten times higher than normal.
A Ministry of Defense memo stated, ‘No evidence was found that any threat to the defense of the United Kingdom. In the absence of any hard evidence, the Ministry remains open minded.’

(G.A.F. – For consideration, over the last 20 years the increasing percentage of sightings being those of vehicles produced by terrestrial nations of Earthly design, miming various stages of volatile experimental propulsion systems. Unfortunately, few are prepared, or concerned, to designate the difference, and this of in itself has given cause to great confusion regarding actual UFO visitations and underlying purposes. Also caution, rationality, and a good dose of sense should be practiced when evaluating what type of related information and the source of its release. For the actual truth, still today after more than 70 years, remains the most highly classified and guarded information as ever. Nothing is leaked other than that what is intended too.)

* * *

CNN. Com Europe, April 2002: To Chinese UFO buffs, it’s a serious science.
“Chinese state run media reports on UFO sightings. Even the government’s Ministry of Science and Technology treats the topic with respect.” Researchers point to many ancient Chinese renditions and artifacts, including that of a 100-year-old drawing of an emperor meeting a flying boat like vehicle. It appears that people in the Far East believe in UFOs for a long time and are more inclined to take the subject seriously.

* * *

San Diego Union – May 2002: Hubble opens window to the past. An image taken by the Hubble space orbital telescope revealed a wondrous spiral galaxy, whose background contains more than 6,000 other galaxies. Previously the limit viewed was counted at what was considered an astonishing 1500 in 1995, but current and newer technology has revealed ever more significant amounts. One can only ponder what lies still further yet to be discovered.

(G.A.F. – The 2000 release of the DVD titled ‘StarGaze – Hubble’s view of the Universe,’ which can be ordered on the Internet, contains the most amazing images, set to relaxing music, and truly depicts the most wondrous visions of the intelligence responsible for cosmic creation.)

* * *

USA Today – June 2002: Astronomers Discover Solar Systems like ours: “European and U.S astronomers announced the discovery of two solar systems with planets in orbits similar to our own, a finding that boosts the odds they harbor Extraterrestrial life. Finding 27 planets, that brings the total of know planets in orbiting nearby stars to more than 100.”

* * *

Popular Science – December 2002: The Mars Odyssey, which settled into Martian orbit in February contributed to further revelations about Mars. Through Gamma Ray Spectrometer analysis, it reaffirmed that enough ice was present under the Martian surface to fill lake Michigan twice over – and as the article concluded, “meaning the planet could have once supported life.”

(G.A.F - Another subtle hint of what conditions exist on Mars)

* * *

Internet company AOL Mars poll – unofficial: Question – is the famous face on Mars an actual photo? 94% yes. Next question, The face on Mars is = 1. Geological 53%.
2. Evidence of past civilizations 30%. Is there a NASA cover-up? 40% yes.

(G.A.F. - Interesting percentages of the public’s thoughts concerning this matter.)

* * *

San Diego Union – May 2002: Scientists report Mars ocean remnants. NASA’s Mars Odyssey spacecraft has discovered what could be the frozen remains of once vast oceans on Mars. Findings support early in its history, Mars was wet and warm – possible enabling life.

* * *

Time Magazine – June 2002: A sister Solar System? A nearby star and its Jupiter – like planets look an awful lot like home: Apparently recent discoveries have substantiated the existence of another solar system, labeled “55 Cancri” located about 41 light years from Earth. To date, astronomers have found 90 big planets circling other stars. In this particular circumstance, this planet orbits practically in the identical orbit and according to scientists one of the factors that made life on Earth possible was the presence and location of our sun’s fifth planet. Therefore, even by most skeptical standards, sheer repetition and probability continues to stack in favor of Universal likeness and life.

* * *

Popular Science – Letters: No Space Litter, Please: Submitted by the principle engineer with the Flight Materials group, he wholeheartedly agrees that the weaponization of space is a bad idea and that there is a very real concern that such will litter orbital space with junk. Continuing, the editorial states that objects in orbit higher than 700 kilometers will remain there for 1000 years. If debris growth continues unchecked, before the end of the century we will effectively walled ourselves in with a shell of debris and junk around our planet which no spacecraft can safely penetrate – and the space age will be over.

* * *

Popular Science – Letters: Deterrents to Peace: “Regarding the question ‘ Can Science make us safer?’ There is no security without peace, no peace without justice, no justice with caring concern for the well-being and dignity of all Humankind. One of the greatest, if not THE greatest deterrents to peace is the enormous profit that industrial nations derive from the manufacture and sale of armaments.” W. Rhodes.

(G.A.F. - Could it have been said any clearer or better????)

* * *

USA Today – Tuesday, October 8, 2002. Huge Ice Rock spotted at the solar system’s Fringe: Scientist have discovered (or rather yet, have released for the umpteenth time) another object past Pluto, half its size again. Astronomers admit that photo archives confirmed its existence as early as 1982. Observations suggest that it is spinning. One astronomer stated that if Pluto is considered a planet, then this object deserves to be considered as one also.

(G.A.F. - As previously mentioned in other bulletins, George Adamski and his space contacts indicated there are 12 planets in our solar system. Since the 1970’s, astronomers have indicated the existence of more than 9 planets, however general acknowledgement and acceptance is still years behind such reality.)

* * *

From the Internet: Reuters – London, September 2002. Microbes could be in Venus Atmosphere: Studies conducted by associates at the University of Texas are studying conditions in the atmosphere of the planet that has a high concentration of water droplets.
Information from earlier Russian Venera space missions, including the US Pioneer and Magellan probes, indicated inconsistencies in the data that they believe could be explained by the presence of atmospheric microbes.

The principles conducting the study believe that the temperature of Venus was once much cooler and there could have been oceans on the planet.

* * *

North County Times, July 28, 2002: Human Brain Wired to be Nice: “Hard as it may be to believe in these days of infectious greed and sabers unsheathed, scientists have discovered that the small, brave acts of cooperation with another person, of choosing trust over cynicism, generosity over selfishness, makes the brain light up with quiet joy.” Using a MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imagining) of the brain and its waves to examine social interactions, researchers found surprising results. The longer cooperation was engaged in, the more strongly blood flowed to the pathways of pleasure. “Its reassuring, in some ways, it says we are wired to cooperate with each other.”

* * * * *

With the above closing article in mind, let us again contemplate and reaffirm how we act and relate to others in today’s world. We truly possess all the tools and abilities to make our lives and world anything we wish, and in truth, have to really labor against what is naturally engrained within us in order to promote the chaos that exists. The choice over the exaltation of self seemingly the largest stumbling block. Yet, the choice and responsibility has been, and will always be ours to exercise …… Let us therefore carry forth what is best within us into a better tomorrow….

* The Fear Factor *

In these times of political and economic uncertainty, many emotions are often triggered. News reports fill us daily with worries of this and that, the biggest of which is the possibility of a major war.

While none of us wants this, at least not in the literal sense, we all fear for our safety if we don’t. Of all the emotions that tear at a person’s mind, fear is one of the most powerful and certainly most destructive.

For centuries the two great arms of civilization, religion and government, have used fear, in specific doses, to control the masses. Therefore, in this time of unrest, it might be good to examine the role fear plays in our lives and how its power can oftentimes make us think and even act in ways we would normally never consider under more rational times.

Each of us wants the very best both for ourselves and those we care about. When that ‘best’ is threatened, we often act rapidly and without thinking, to protect what we feel is ours. This almost gut level response is the very thing politics and especially religion have used for thousands of years in making people take up arms against enemies, to comply with harsh rules and restrictions, and to maintain the status quo.

Since we know from observing infants and small children, fear is a learned behavior. Caution on the other hand is important because it can alert us and protect us from potential danger by alerting us to an impending conflict or other problem. The difference between the feeling of caution and fear is simple. Caution is a feeling of alertness, coming from consciousness, making us aware of our surroundings. Fear is an emotion, often an out-of –control emotion, which usually completely takes over the brain and thought process, eliminating logical thinking and reasoning and replacing instead with total panic, which results in us acting totally without out thought.

Many examples of how special interest groups use the fear factor to control the masses can be seen throughout history, right up to the present day. One example might be the famous and horrible witch trials, which took place in Europe and the United States. These religious fanatics managed to kill over a million innocent people in the name of God, by convincing the masses that ‘witches’ were evil. In so doing, virtually all opposition to this evil was eliminated. Why? By instilling fear in the masses that ‘witches’ do evil things to innocent people such as eating small children, putting spells on people, etc., no one questioned the churches position on wanting to murder these individuals.

Another example might be seen in the game of politics. Suppose a country wishes to gain control over another, yet the reason for this control is not necessarily the most noble of intent. Those in power might decide that they would receive little public support for these actions if the real motives were to be revealed. So, instead of drawing attention to the real reason, a diversion is created. If the diversion is to be successful, it must include a factor of fear. The larger the cover up the larger the fear factor must be.

One example of this might be the early invasions of Northern Europe by the South. Instead of simply telling their people that they wanted them to go to war, in which many thousands might be killed, for the sake of conquering wealth, most of which would be seen only by a select few, they were told of the dangers to their religious beliefs. In fact most of the wars of both ancient and modern times, are the result of religious instigation. People will go to war over beliefs far faster than real principle. Why? Fear of the unknown is the greatest fear there is. To anger ones deity and risk eternal damnation is just to great a price to pay. So, when the religious leaders told the masses to go and fight for God’s rightful place in such and such a heathen land, they were all ready to stand up for God, as if God were to weak to stand up for himself.

Oftentimes at the thought of a major conflict, which would likely, result in many deaths, we flock to our churches and places of worship to ask God for protection and even victory over the enemy, but how personal is this? Suppose you were a parent and had two sons. One day one son came to you and said he really hated his brother and wanted your permission to kill him. Would you or could you grant such a permission? Certainly not, for one son would certainly be as dear to you as the other. Yet every day prayers are uttered to the Father of all human beings, asking permission to not only slay the others but to be also protected from harm them selves. We are asking of God what we ourselves could not do.

In these troubled times, we must all try and separate emotion from feeling, fear from logic. We must learn to observe what is going on around us and try to see beyond the surface of things and into the deeper motives, which might be behind the actions that could affect tens of thousands of human lives. When fear is created ‘en mass’, there is almost always a reason for this fear. Try to still your mind and feel and observe what the motives might be.

It is always easy to react with emotion and the resultant violence, which is almost always connected with those emotions. It is much harder to step back and think first. The fear factor will always be with us. Society is controlled and many millions are eventually ground to dust between the two great wheels of fear and guilt. Yet this doesn’t have to be so. By taking the time to think and to step back and question, we can usually see behind the thin veil of emotion.

Yes, fear will always be with society and disasters will always happen as long and humanity continues to expand its technology, which it must do, but we, as individuals can slowly begin to replace the knee jerk reaction of fear with observation. By using the feeling channel of caution rather than the emotion of fear, we can gain insight into many things, which will help us to make intelligent decisions as to what actions need to be taken.

This advice may be applied at many levels, on a personal level in our interactions with others, on a family level, on a community level, on a national level, and yes, even on an international level. The race of humanity is one family, living on one planet, whether we like it or not. We will either learn to embrace differences through understanding and tolerance or we will destroy ourselves through fear of those differences. The choice is our own.

Best Wishes to all ..... GAF International

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