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With great enthusiasm, The Adamski Foundation announces an “Exclusive” contract with the proprietors of The Oak Knoll Campgrounds – the former location and property of Palomar Gardens and Palomar Terrace. Recently the current owners became exposed to the history behind the property where George Adamski photographed many of the now famous Extraterrestrial Space crafts, experienced contacts, and conducted his school. Expressing a desire to support Mr. Adamski’s work and experiences, we have solidified an agreement and collaborated our endeavors towards promoting that location and history. Consequently, the Foundation has been working closely, providing archival and copyright materials towards the production of a prominent display and coordinated development of that significant past and present.

Oak Knoll Campgrounds has developed into a prominent property and location for Recreational Vehicle, Camping and Outdoor facility. Located (see website map) off of Interstate 15 in North San Diego County – 22 miles east on Highway 76, the property now boast numerous improvements; Cabins, pool, convenience store, etc, in addition to uncovering many of the trails once built by Adamski and his associates. For rates, availability, and a scenic view of the property, please visit:

Future development plans include the construction of a building entirely dedicated to the housing of authentic and factual Adamski materials supplied, in addition to another Telescope observatory located on the exact historic location. Currently, they have several smaller portable telescopes used for astronomical viewing.

Also, in conjunction with growing interest and requests for greater exposure to the Adamski story and materials, plans are being formalized for the Foundation to conduct periodic outdoor speaking activities on location. Once dates are solidified, such will be advertised on our linked websites with significant advance notice. In this serine outdoor environment at the base of Mount Palomar, we hope to bring full circle the experiences and interest initiated there over half a century ago.

We look forward to interacting with all of you who may be able to attend.


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